Meet The Bridge Holiness Leadership Team.

"Write the vision and make it plain"

Habakkuk 2:2

In the midst of a global pandemic, our leadership team has bonded together all with the same vision; to grow the Kingdom of God. We are blessed with the significance each leader brings, each with their perspective knowledge, wisdom, ability, and ambition for their individual callings.
Our path is clear. Our leaders are focused. Our vision is plain.
It is our great honor to introduce to you today, The Bridge Holiness Leadership Team.

Worship Pastors

Andrea & Nic Dodson

In fall of 2020, The Bridge Holiness Church welcomed Andrea and Nic Dodson to the position of Worship Pastor. Their combined efforts usher in our worship experience each and every service.
Andrea and Nic both profess a deep love for Christ and never shy from seeking spiritual guidance in their ministry.
They have done an exceptional job at bridging the seasonal gap between generations.

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes Andrea and Nic Dodson.

Media Pastor

Timothy R. H. Wind

As Media Pastor, Tim is responsible for managing our online presence, our social media ministry, live-streaming, and our image and video content. While you may not see him much, Tim is usually busy behind the scenes, pulling wires, connecting cables, pushing buttons, and manning cameras.
Tim packs with him decades of experience in the computer software and information technology industry. He may be heard saying, "Turn your skill into your ministry!".

Tim also currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Elders of The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc.

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes Timothy R. H. Wind.

Missions Ministry

Sherry Smith

We are excited to sponsor Bible Scholar Sherry Smith as a traveling missionary from within the United States to far remote areas of the world. Sherry bases her ministry right here at The Bridge Holiness Church. She has completed trips to Costa Rica and to Africa spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Her kind heart, gentle demeanor, and fierce passion to seek and share the truth are a welcomed asset to our leadership.

Sherry also currently serves as Member of the Board of Elders of The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc.

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes Sherry Smith.

Women's Ministry

Nena Anderson

The Bridge has moved from the traditional Sunday School setting and offers in its place topic-based bible study groups.
Nena leads our women's ministry with interesting and gender specific bible studies. Her passion for the Lord and her love for her fellow neighbor are immediately noticeable any time she begins to speak.
If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please visit our schedule.

Nena also currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Elders of The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc.

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes Nena Anderson.

Outreach Ministry

Jessica & Brian Mosley

If you know us, then you know that this ministry is very dear to our hearts. We are over-joyed to host, in-house, Jessica and Brian Mosley - leaders of the Bearden chapter of OVERCOMERS.
OVERCOMERS is a national organization of faith-based addiction recovery groups. They are court-approved in some counties to satisfy 12-step program requirments.

Jessica and Brian lean on their own experiences and spiritual growth to help others overcome addiction, depression, anxiety, or torment. Or, sometimes, they just may be an ear to listen.
If you are interested in this program, please reach out to us today!

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes OVERCOMERS with Jessica & Brian Mosley.


Deacon Brian Mosley

Brian is The Bridge Holiness Church's first official church deacon. You can always count on Brian to greet you at the door, and, we can always count on his bright humor, his light heart, and his unbridled ability to correct us when we may go astray.
Brian's duties, however, are far more than just making coffee or adjusting the temperature. Brian is responsible for overseeing the entire health and well-being of the congregation, inside the church and out. Brian upholds his position with honor, and, he is a crucial asset to our leadership team.

Brian also currently serves as Member of the Board of Elders of The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc.

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes Deacon Brian Mosley.

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Nic Dodson

Beginning January, 2021, Nic stepped into the position of Assistant Pastor. Nic's committment, determination, and in-depth understanding of scripture provide the perfect backdrop for his duties as second-in-command to the pastor.
With an unwavering faith and love for Jesus Christ, Nic helps drive our vision forward, only through prayer and supplication.

Nic also leads our Men's Ministry bible study group.

The Bridge Holiness Church welcomes Pastor Nic Dodson.


Pastor Nancy Dodson

Nancy and Eddie Dodson have long pastored our predecessor, Bearden Holiness Church. It is through their vision that we recently reincorporated as The Bridge Holiness Church.
Her tenure has seen a church with full pews, a church with empty pews, church on a riverbank, church at home, and now, church over live-stream. With her at the helm, she has seen disciples grown into leaders. Some to have gone on to lead their own congregation.
Nancy's vision for the church far exceeds the boundaries of the building or the community.
Her knowledge and understanding of scripture, her dedication to nurture the souls of the congregation, and her deep connection with the Father, through Jesus Christ, embolden her ability to lead our congregation from the grave, to the cross, to the heavens.

The Bridge Holiness Church presents Pastor Nancy Dodson.

Board of Elders

The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc.

The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit corporation organized and established in the State of Oklahoma on Feb 20th, 2020.
We operate within the exemption requirements of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
As such, we are governed by our constitution and statement of beliefs, which are upheld by our Board of Elders.

Timothy R. H. Wind

Nena Anderson

Eddie Dodson

Sherry Smith

Brian Mosley

Nancy Dodson

The Board of Elders hold public meetings every third Thursday of each month unless announced otherwise.