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About The Bridge Holiness Church



The Bridge Holiness Church is a non-denominational church dedicated to worship and service by believers to the Glory of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We practice a holiness style of worship seeking a deeper relationship with God through sanctification by the Holy Spirit.

Our Sunday services are a blend of traditional and contemporary worship songs and provide opportunity for prayer, praise, preaching of the word, and an altar time.
We fulfill our kingdom mission to be an epicenter from which the activity of God flows into our community, county, and countries of the world in a four-fold vision;
to worship God, empower disciples, encourage believers, and embrace the community.


The Bridge Holiness Church formed in February 2020 in place of our predecessor Bearden Holiness Church, established 1989, as a vision of exponential growth had begun.
We hold the original founders of Bearden Holiness in very high regard. We are thankful that so many years ago, our elders, parents, and grandparents, were drawn to establish a place of worship in the tiny town of Bearden, Oklahoma, and, that they had the foresight to see this church grow from generation to generation. We bring forth their teachings and guidance as we journey into the next season.


The Board of Elders has designated a church membership body under the oversight of the Pastor. Members are held to a slightly higher standard as we count upon them for volunteers, support, and participation in decision making. We offer a track program for anyone who is lead to join the church membership.


The Bridge Holiness Church operates from a building located at 372098 Hwy 48, Okemah, OK, United States, 74859, which is in the town of Bearden, Ok. GPS location is not always accruate, and, there is no street delivery service. Any mail delivery should be sent to our Post Office box.
We also have established an online congregation, in which most all of our services are live-streamed and available for play and replay any time from our Facebook page.


Pastor Nancy Dodson

Nancy and Eddie Dodson have pastored our predecessor, Bearden Holiness Church, beginning in January of 2006. It is through their vision that we recently reincorporated as The Bridge Holiness Church.
Her tenure has seen a church with full pews, a church with empty pews, church on a riverbank, church at home, and now, church over live-stream. With her at the helm, she has seen disciples grown into leaders. Some to have gone on to lead their own congregation.
Nancy's vision for the church far exceeds the boundaries of the building or the community.
Her knowledge and understanding of scripture, her dedication to nurture the souls of the congregation, and her deep connection with the Father, through Jesus Christ, embolden her ability to lead our congregation from the grave, to the cross, to the heavens.

The Bridge Holiness Church presents Pastor Nancy Dodson.

Board of Elders

The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc.

The Bridge Holiness Church, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit corporation organized and established in the State of Oklahoma on Feb 20th, 2020.
We operate within the exemption requirements of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
As such, we are governed by our constitution and statement of beliefs, which are upheld by our Board of Elders.

Timothy R. H. Wind

Nena Anderson

Eddie Dodson

Brian Mosley

Nancy Dodson

The Board of Elders hold public meetings at 6:30pm, every second Tuesday of each month unless announced otherwise.